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Autumn Forest

Community Member Groupy

Forest Assisted Migration News

Who You Are

Those of you who are interested in the project but are not a seed collector, a grower or a planter but want to stay informed, you are our Community Member Groupy. If you sign up to be one of our Groupies, you will get general information, newsletters when written and links to publications and media clips as available. We love you and thank you for supporting this democratic, distributed, regionally based supply chain initiative to provide "climate smart" tree seedlings to help build a more resilient and healthy forest!

What You’ll Do

Share your interest with others... contribute to the work and body of information about the issues at hand. Support the seed collectors, growers and planters in ways that you are able. A rah rah or shared potential forest with good trees to collect seed from or a financial contribution to the project. That is always welcome but not the focus of the development of the Forest Assisted Migration Community Member Groupy. Welcome to us and our work!


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