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Forest Assisted Migration - Climate Forward Tree Seedlings

about The Project

The Northwoods are experiencing dramatic change and many northern tree species are dying. Without any intervention, researchers predict that the landscape in northeastern Minnesota will become mostly open grasslands within the next 50 years. If this happens, our regional economy, wildlife, culture, and everything that depends on the forest will be permanently changed.

The Forest Assisted Migration Project (FAMP) works to address these challenges. FAMP aims to re-establish a resilient northern forest and bolster the regional economy by:

1. Collecting tree seeds from species and populations that are predicted to thrive in the future,

2. Forming the Farm and Forest Growers, a network of small farms and nurseries that grow climate-adaptive tree seeds into seedlings, and then sell the seedlings to reforestation agencies and individuals,

3. Establishing partnerships and seedling purchase agreements with reforestation agencies that include our primary supporter, the Nature Conservancy, as well as county forestry departments and SCWDs.

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